What Will The Story Of ‘Black Panther’ Look Like Now?

On August 28 the world was hit with heartbreaking news. Chadwick Boseman, the star of movies like Black Panther, 42, and Avengers: Endgame had passed away. In a post on his Instagram written by a representative, it was announced that for the past four years Boseman had been admirably battling colon cancer. A hero to the Black community, Boseman filmed a multitude of his iconic movies while receiving extensive chemotherapy treatments. He passed away surrounded by his family and love and will forever be remembered for the positive representation he brought to adults and little Black children everywhere.

With the news of Boseman’s passing, many conversations about his previous role as Black Panther have arisen. Sources (unconfirmed for the most part) have said that Boseman was scheduled to have a meeting with producers about Black Panther 2. So let’s talk about some possibilities of where producers and writers could be taking the Black Panther sequel now.

“In my culture, death is not the end.” –Chadwick Boseman as Ta’challa.


Let’s get one thing that I have been hearing over social media out the way. Yes, if Black Panther gets replaced and it’s with a White man it does matter. The idea sounds ridiculous, I know. But, yes, this is about race and if Marvel decided to go ahead with a replacement (though I don’t agree with this option), the role should only be open to Black men. Let’s not forget, Wakanda is based in Africa and Ta’challa is an African born prince. This is one reason why Boseman pushed so hard for Ta’challa to have an African accent even when producers thought that he shouldn’t. Secondly, the representation that Boseman as a dark skin Black man presented to the world and community was one of the biggest and most important parts of this role. His work in this movie gave people a chance to see someone like them being the hero for once. If you were to put a White man, or any race for that matter, in this role I feel it would be a disgrace to the legacy Boseman left with us all.

Option 1

With that out of the way, let’s discuss some reasonable options that I think could work for continuing the story of Wakanda and the Black Panther. Well, my ideal future for the franchise would be to respect Boseman’s legacy and not replace him. I think we should honor him in Black Panther 2 and not have someone else come in to “takeover” the role of Ta’challa. We should honorably put Ta’challa to rest with Boseman. Instead, I think it would make more sense to have Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, an already recurring character and important member of Wakanda, become the Black Panther. As we know from the first movie, becoming Black Panther comes along with the throne. And as there is a family hierarchy in Wakanda, next in line to become queen would be Shuri–Ta’challa’s sister and only sibling. Shuri has proven herself smart, reliable, and resourceful. She is a lot like her brother and has always had the makings as a great queen. Putting Wright in this role would keep the representation from the first movie, as well as adding another layer to it because she is a strong woman.

Option 2

Now while I believe that Shuri becoming the Black Panther would be the best option, I also think there is another that could work if the writers could figure out how to work it in. At the end of the first Black Panther, a very important character–Killmonger (played by Micheal B. Jordan)  who was considered the “villain” in the series–died at the hand of Ta’challa (at least we are lead to believe he died). While with most villains, the majority of the audience would be celebrating their deaths, Killmonger was different. His views, while warped by violence, could be understood in the end. Truly one could understand why he was so angry at Wakanda and its leaders. If the writers could figure out a logical reason that Killmonger could be alive, I believe that he could have a great redemption arc and become Black Panther himself.

Option 3

Lastly, and certainly the most sad option would be that Black Panther could find it’s end right where it is. With a successful first movie, great reviews, and an adoring following, its end would be grieved, but the legacy and splendor of the first movie would never be forgotten.

All these options would take great consideration, and in the end are not up to me. But honestly, I do believe we should wait to have this conversation. Boseman’s fans, family, and friends are still mourning, and our first act after his death should not be about deciding on what to do next with the franchise.

Now is the time to reflect, care for our own health, and remember all that Boseman did for the industry and community while he was here.

“In my culture, death is not the end.” –Chadwick Boseman as Ta’challa.


By Kendal Amos, Sophomore, Little Black Pearl

Instagram: Kendal_amos


Written by TrueStar Staff


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