What’s Next For Cam Newton?

Cam Newton

After being released by the New England Patriots, Cam Newton has to find a new pathway in his career. The former MVP will face difficulty finding a new home after being outdueled by Bill Belichick’s “new chosen one.” With roster spots filling out quickly, the possibility of Newton getting employed before the season opener is steadily shrinking.

So what’s next for Newton? The 32-year-old has won 45 games as a starter since 2015, and while his accuracy (60.1%) is undesirable (a below average number amongst the NFL’s starting QB’s), he is still a unique talent in the NFL. According to ESPN, teams around the league think Belichick valued Newton very much; he even offered him the choice to string behind Mac Jones or look for a new fit.

With the availability of starting roles drying up, Newton may have to settle as the backup. But, this should not be the case. Newton is unmistakably more worthwhile than a third of the league’s starting quarterbacks and 95 percent of its backups. But he doesn’t have the personality of a backup quarterback, so it probably won’t work out.

Since Newton chose to look for a new team, here are a few teams that might offer the most compelling offer.

Houston Texans

Immediately after news broke about Newton’s release, the football world looked at the Texans as the team who would sign him. Though they have a dual-threat quarterback in Deshaun Watson, he is dealing with serious legal problems. If the Texans were to bring in Newton, they would have a starting-caliber backup who provides a positive locker room presence; something the team clearly needs.

Baltimore Ravens

While being a backup for the Ravens’ Lamar Jackson is not the ideal situation for Newton, the Ravens’ offense scheme is perfect for Newton’s play style. Plus, in the unfortunate circumstance, Jackson can’t play, Baltimore would maintain the same offensive style.

Washington Football Team

Residing in the nation’s capital with his former coach Ron Rivera is perfect for Newton. While he won’t have any significant success with Washington, playing for Rivera would more than likely give Newton a chance to turn around the downward trend in his career. The only problem with this situation is the Football Team already has Ryan Fitzpatrick as the official starter. Adding Newton to the mix would stir up several dilemmas.

It’s becoming apparent Newton is not in his prime anymore. But he has a lot of great football left in him. Hopefully, Cam Newton doesn’t turn into the next Carmelo Anthony.


By Jeremiah Griffith, Junior, Noble Academy

Twitter: theballtalk1

Written by Jeremiah Griffith

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