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What’s The Beef?

Some of hip-hop’s craziest feuds

With the release of Chris Brown’s video for “No Guidance” featuring Drake, we can see the full circle of hip-hop culture. A big part of the culture is competition. Everyone believes they are the best and flyest, and sometimes that mindset can step on other people’s toes which can cause a riff or beef. If you really follow hip-hop you know that beef is a big part of the culture. Finally seeing Breezy and Drake come together to make the song of the summer shows us that even the harshest hip-hop beef can be squashed. Here’s a list of some of the craziest beefs in hip-hop history.

Roxanne Shante vs Everybody

When young Roxanne first came into the game it was because of a diss/reply record to U.T.F.O.’s “Roxanne, Roxanne.” So right from the jump, she was a 14-year-old dissing a group of rappers. Shortly after that, U.T.F.O. created the Real Roxanne thinking that would defuse the beef between them and young Roxanne Shante, but that only fueled the fire. Everywhere the Real Roxanne went to perform Roxanne Shante would show up. She was a battle rapper and was ready for any challenge. Shante squared up with just about every female rapper in the 90s, even if they didn’t respond. Some of her diss records include “Roxanne’s Revenge” and “Big Mama”.

Murder Inc. vs. 50 Cent

In the early 2000s, you could not turn on the radio without hearing Ja Rule. One rapper wasn’t too fond of this because he was trying to start his own career, Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent. Ja having the No.1 spot was not sitting well with 50 Cent. The beef all started when someone connected with 50 stole Ja’s jewelry. In return 50 ended up getting stabbed—because of this 50 started going hard for Ja Rule in his music. Y’all remember “Wanksta”? That was a diss to Ja. Eventually, everyone of the Murder Inc. roster was on 50’s hit list, including Ashanti. Sadly this is one beef that is still going on today. I don’t think this beef will ever turn around since it did get violent at one point.

Nas vs. Jay-Z

Back in the early 2000s if we heard Jay-Z mention Nas’ name in a rap it wouldn’t have been in a positive way like he did in this year’s “MOOD 4 EVA”. This is a full-circle moment for hip-hop because literally at one point Nas and Jay-Z hated each other. When Memphis Bleek (Jay-Z’s protege) threw shots at Nas in his 2000’s hit “My Mind Right” it caused Nas to respond, which caused for one of the craziest rap beefs ever. By 2001 both Nas and Jay-Z were going bar for bar. The two squashed their beef in 2005, but now because they are friends, their diss songs can’t be performed live. Luckily “Ether” is on all streaming networks. You just are going to have to search really hard to find Jay-z’s “The Takeover”.

Eminem vs the Source

Not all hip-hop beefs are with people. Seeing that in 2002 Eminem went straight for The Source hip-hop magazine. At one point The Source was the spot for all news hip-hop and to know what was hot and what wasn’t in the culture. But in 2002 when the editor of the magazine, Benzino (yes the Benzino from Love & Hip-Hop ATL) attacked Eminem by questioning the rapper’s place in the culture by calling out the rappers use of the N-word as a teenager. Eminem released a diss-record “Nail in the Coffin.” After all, this happened The Source ended up losing its credibility and investors. When’s the last time anyone has checked to see how many mics Drake’s latest project received?

Nicki Minja vs. Cardi B

Nicki’s beef with Lil’ Kim might be a little bigger than this one, but that beef didn’t involve a shoe being thrown at a New York Fashion Week party. This beef is probably one of the only beefs started by fans. During 2017, both Nicki and Cardi denied having an issue with each while fans kept trying to put the two rappers against each. But once Nicki changed her verse on “Motorsport” the beef was no longer something that could be denied. Both the rappers have thrown shots at each other via social media, Nicki may have thrown subs at Cardi in a 6ix9ine record “MAMA,” Cardi hasn’t. Lately, it seems that the beef could be over, but until we see Nicki and Cardi squash the beef we will never know.

A little conflict in the world of hip-hop is going to happen. But we love it when the squabbles can be squashed and both parties of the beef make nice with each other. Last year it seemed that Drake ended a lot of his beef, and hopefully, we will continue to see this trend.


By Jordan Danae, Northern Illinois Alumna

IG & Twitter: jordaniaa_


Written by Jordan Danae

Jordan Danaè, an urban literature nerd and a hip-hop enthusiast. Northern Illinois Alumna hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. I am because you are!

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