What’s The Future Looking Like For Anthony Davis?

Typically, when something big is offered to anyone, people will usually take the offer. The same thing goes in sports, especially when one of the top five players in the league is available for trade. New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis, who grew up here in Chicago, has let it be known that he wants out. When asked about the trade request and why he wanted to leave he said, “I don’t know how long I’m gonna play this game. People’s careers are short. And I feel like it’s my time to move on.”

Back in December, LeBron James was asked how he would feel about playing with Anthony Davis, since they had just played a game against each other. His response was, “That would be amazing.” Many believe that James is the reason why Davis is now requesting a trade all of a sudden. Recently, the Los Angeles Lakers offered the Pelicans a trade offer for Davis, including Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Rajon Rondo, Michael Beasley and a first round pick, all for Anthony Davis. The Lakers are clearly all in on him, and now it’s time to wait to see what other teams offer for him or if they happen to keep him for the remainder of the season.

One coincidence as well is that Davis’s agent, Rich Paul, is also James’ agent. Many teams who would like a big named player like Davis are clearly frustrated, as this seems unfair and it seems as if there’s something going on. Who wouldn’t want to play under the big lights in Los Angeles, especially with the best player in the world? The New York Knicks could also be a possibility, but more unlikely since they don’t have anyone that stands out. The Celtics are also putting themselves out there. For now, all fans can do is wait and watch to see what happens. The NBA trade deadline is February 7th, so keep a lookout!



Written by TrueStar Staff

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