What’s Your Favorite Dish?

True Star followers sound off on their fave Turkey Day eats

Thanksgiving is a time where you sit down with your family and spend valuable time with them while eating good food. Unfortunately, COVID has made this annual event dangerous this year, especially if you have a big family. In honor of this holiday, True Star created an Instagram poll to find out which classic dishes you all preferred.

Main Dishes

-Ham (Chosen by 44%)

-Turkey (Chosen by 56%) WINNER

Turkey is my favorite from this list because I don’t eat pork and I just think turkey is a better option.

Side Dishes

-Green Beans (Chosen by 18%)

-Macaroni & Cheese (Chosen by 82%) WINNER

My favorites from these dishes is definitely macaroni and cheese. I really enjoy dressing too. This is because they are such a must-have on the Thanksgiving food list. On top of that, they taste amazing and I always find myself going back for more of these dishes. Is it really Thanksgiving without them?


-Pumpkin Pie (Chosen by 45%)

-Sweet Potato Pie (Chosen by 55%) WINNER

I’m going to have to go with sweet potato pie and caramel cake as my favorite desserts around Thanksgiving. I can’t eat it without some type of ice cream or cool whip on top.

Thanks for taking part in our online poll, and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


By Nia Morgan, Junior, Brooks College Prep

Instagram: honey_niaa| / Twitter:honey_nia

Written by TrueStar Staff

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