When You Go To School With Your Sibling

Having a sibling has its ups and downs. Often you find them taking your clothes or money but other times they are your best friend or confidant in a time of crisis. The responsibilities and ups and downs of having a sibling may vary but we all need some sense of privacy in our lives and some people feel that certain lines are crossed when your sibling enters the same school as you or interferes with your social life.

Enough drama and teasing happens in high school as it is, so with a sibling attending your school, having to come home to that constant reminder of how you tripped in gym class and fell in the mud is pretty annoying. How do students in these predicaments cope?

Kannan Deer, a sophomore attending Ogden International, stated that the school he attends has its ups and downs. “One of the pro’s is having off campus [privileges] as a 10th grader” Kannan stated. When asked if having his brother at the school is a pro or con he stated that it was a pro because he can always have someone to talk to and relate to when no one else is around.

Kaleb Deer, the twin brother of Kannan, stated that Ogden International was a good school in general. “The diversity of the school gives me a broader outlook on other people’s culture and opens up my point of view.” He also stated that having his brother being at the same school as him is more of a good thing than bad. “There is always someone to laugh with me when I get home about things that occurred at school and the classes we have to together are easier because there is someone to study with.”

But there is more to high school than just homework and bad lunch. When Kaleb was asked how his social life in high school was affected by his brother attending the same school he stated, “My social life, as far as how many friends, I have has expanded because people know both of us.” Kannan responded with “You’d think that our social circle would expand but it doesn’t. I have found my brother to be really anti-social, so I think he doesn’t really have an effect on my social life, were as I bring friends into his [social life.” But not everything can always be good in these brothers lives. So when has it been an inconvenience to have a brother at the same school as the other? According to Kannan, it’s when your sibling decides to share personal information about you that he finds funny. “It makes me the attraction of laughter for a while which is embarrassing,” he said.


Having a sibling can be rough at times but for the most part they tend to be there for you. A brother or sister is someone who can relate to you on a level no one else ever will. Do you have a sibling that you attend school with? If so, what’s your school and home relationship like?

By John Ivy, Sophomore, Ogden International

Written by IVC Productions

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