Which Would You Rather: Cockiness .v. Insecurity?

PicMonkey CollageOkay, so as I was completing a very important task, a friend of mine asked me my preference between cockiness and insecurity. Honestly, it was a no brainer. Cockiness.

Even in regular friendships, insecurities are so poor. It kills the vibe! Like how are you going to trust me when you can barely trust yourself? But then again, cockiness is a deadly disease.

It’s common that men become insecure about their abilities to provide for the relationship as far as financing. But I think it’s wrong to think that a woman should change her occupation, or rearrange her life for his own issues.

I don’t need my significant other being cocky to the point where they feel like they are better than me. Or to where they can look down upon me. I also don’t need them being arrogant about their abilities, or potential. It can get in the way of the humble, romantic moments.

Some men believe that their women have no other option, so then they become cocky in a relationship. But honestly, I think that’s selfish.

There’s a required balance to these two qualities. Be confident, but aware. Either one of these are real buzz kills in a relationship. But if you had to, which would you rather deal with?

Written by Shay

Working so I'll no longer have to introduce myself💯.


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