Who Should Call The Shots?

Many states across the country, mostly in the South, feel the need to reopen because they are being affected the least by the coronavirus. States like Texas have plans to reopen as early as the 24th of April. Trump has stated that he exercises “full authority” as to when the U.S. can open again. But the way this country is set up, the governors are the ones who can do that.

Gov. Cumono in New York believes that the U.S. shouldn’t be opening so soon. At the time of this posting, New York had reported over 14,000 deaths, according to the New York Times. Cumono stated, “You’re not going to hear any day soon, it’s over, the nightmare ends and we wake up….It’s going to be incremental and we have to be smart.”

I agree with Cumono. Right now I don’t think any U.S. state should be reopening when there are many states that are still experiencing new cases and death tolls. Plus, some states have just recently gone on shut down. According to Trump, there are plans to open states based on the conditions they are in right now. This is of course to get on track to reopen the economy by May 1st.

Honestly people, this virus isn’t something that can be turned off with the flip of a switch and then everyone and everything can go back to normal. Tatiana Sykes, a senior at Brooks College Prep High School, stated, “The President and the governors shouldn’t get to dictate when the U.S. opens back up in this case. Honestly the ones who keep track of data with COVID-19 should be the ones to mandate and give the okay.”

I completely agree. “Phases” are being talked about, but this is something that needs to be seriously thought through with heavy consideration as to what the data is showing. Until that happens we need to chill, and continue to do what we are doing to flatten the curve.

Like many of you, I want to be able to go outside in public areas again, and want things to go back to normal, but we must take into consideration the facts. The truth is many states just aren’t ready yet. As Mayor Lightfoot would say, “Stay home. Save Lives.”


By Monique Petty-Ashmeade, Senior, Brooks College Prep

Twitter: @writerinthedakr

Written by TrueStar Staff

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