Who’s Next In The Name Game?

Which teams will do away with their racist names and logos

The Cleveland Indians have changed their name and logo to the Cleveland Guardians.

While things are nowhere near perfect, we are making some progress to becoming an accepting society, and there are steps that are being taken to move in the right direction. One of those steps, in the sports world, is to get rid of all the racist team names, and The Cleveland Indians are the latest team to make the change.

Many Native Americans have made their feelings about these racist names, like the Chicago Blackhawks, and the The Washington Redskins, who have since changed their name to the Washington Football Team. The WFT will be revealing their new name and logo in 2022, according to Cleveland’s new name is the Cleveland Guardians.

The change will take effect after this season. They may not be the only team that will be changing their names. The Kansas City Chiefs might be next on the chopping block. There have been reports that their star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, will not play another down in the NFL until the Chiefs change their name.

Reports from Adam Schefter say that Mahomes has left training camp, and has said that he won’t play another drive. This is a huge development for the team, because of how good Mahomes is and the impact that he has on the field. This is a good way to try and use the power that he has to make change for the better, because there are a lot of players and people in general, who talk about wanting equality and acceptance, but don’t use the power that they have to actually try and make change. So seeing Mahomes making a stand is something that more people should be doing. Hopefully it prompts more people to do something similar.


By Devin Foster, Junior, Bradley University

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Written by Devin Foster

Junior at Bradley University
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