Who’s the Catch?

After discussing the union with his wife Simone Biles, NFL player Jonathan Owens has people questioning what it means to be the catch or prize in a relationship.

When NFL star Jonathan Owens, hubby to gymnastic GOAT Simone Biles, recently talked to the hosts of the podcast “The Pivot” about his personal relationship, he probably didn’t know he would send the internet into a frenzy.  Social media users immediately took to their platforms to discuss this interview which they deemed controversial and “egotistical” since Owners claimed to not even know who Biles was when they first began dating. Not only did fans and audiences take to the defense of Biles, but the backlash for Owens only increased when he further stated in the interview “I always say that the men are the catch”. Audiences and critics remained shocked at the statement from this football player. Many tweeted “I don’t even know who Simone Biles’ husband is” or “what does Simone Biles’ husband even do for a living?” Since then social media sparked a debate amidst this controversy of deciding what “the prize” means for both genders within a relationship.

TikTok user @dmon.8, took to his social media platform to express why men are not the “prize” in relationships and that the distinction needs to be clear. As his TikTok video continues to go viral with over 479.0k, many users have taken to his comments to express their same perspectives on the controversial interview with Biles and Owens.

“So I made a video about who’s the prize in the relationship, a female or male, and I didn’t know I would get so much backlash from grown ass n****s getting mad that I didn’t call them the prize. I said females are the prize,” he said. “Name me 10 single fathers that have successfully raised a kid on their own, oh wait, you can’t. Hm. Now, do you get down on one knee? Oh wait, you do. Then I was reading a comment … ‘Bro we have all the money, we provide and protect. So we’re the prize’ Bro, if you are providing and protecting, you are not the prize. She is the prize because you are providing and protecting. If you was the prize … last time I checked, she would be doing the providing and protecting. Key word, she would be doing the protecting. But you do it, why? Because you are not the prize …”

As more social media users become viral for their tweets or videos on this hot controversial take, a line has been drawn for the future of courting and relationship views. Personally, I believe women are the prize and men should absolutely be blessed that their person would date and even take their hand in marriage. However, I was raised on different morals and standards regarding women being the prize and that we should be pursued. Everyone’s culture and upbringing is different, but the dating world is beginning to shift right before our eyes in this new generation.

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By Kori Barnes,  University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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