Why Does Rejection Lead to Harming Women?

When the news broke that Darius Miles, former University of Alabama basketball player, was allegedly responsible for the killing of Jamea Jonae Harris, it was one of those situations that left everyone in shock and scratching their heads.

Miles has since admitted that he was the one responsible for providing the weapon in the shooting but he did not pull the trigger. The person who did was his associate Michael Lynn Davis, according to law enforcement.

Both have been charged with capital murder.

Harris’s mother, DeCarla Cotton, took to Facebook and claimed that Miles “Took my baby’s life because she wouldn’t talk to him!!!!”

The accusation opens up a larger conversation about men learning how to handle rejection.

We are currently living in a time and era where therapy and mental health are at the forefront of many conversations, and more men are coming out about the mental battles that they deal with on a regular basis.

One of the main things that some men deal with is how to deal with a bruised ego.

Rejection in any form can be hard to deal with, but it is especially hard for men to deal with when it is coming from someone they have an intimate relationship with.

Why is this the case? Well the answer to that is a lot more simple then I think most people would realize, men naturally seek some form of validation from women whether or not they want to admit it.

If you think that this isn’t the case, you can ask the man that is solely career-driven and is more than likely trying to attract more women towards him.

For some men, ego has led to a lot of confrontation and negative situations that could have been avoided, but they simply didn’t know how to take a simple rejection and move on to what was next for them in their journey.

We are now in a place and space where some men are handling rejection better than before, but if what Cotton has claimed does come out to be true, it is just yet another example of the inner work that men have to do.


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Written by TrueStar Staff

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