Why The Break-ups?

Two more celeb couples call it quits

Teyana Taylor announces her separation from Iman Shumpert on social media.

Famous people break up all the time, but the latest announcements about some celebrity couples calling it quits are definitely shocking news.

One of the most beloved Black celebrity relationship “goals” couples that have always had social media in a frenzy with admiration and support, have officially separated in a confirmed Instagram post. Although this announcement may come as a surprise, this couple has been ongoing their separation process for a while behind closed doors. Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert have split after 10 years together. They share two daughters and have been married for seven years.

Taylor and Shumpert with daughters Junie and Rue Rose.

Despite the initial shock of fans and critics that have yet to settle with the news, Taylor wanted to make it known that the two aren’t separating due to infidelity and are “still one hell of a team.” This is the main reason that Taylor and Shumpert have decided to let the world in on their new co-parenting style, but they have made it known that there’s no obligation on their end to disclose anything further. Taylor stated in her recent Instagram post of herself and Shumpert,“We just keep y’all asses out the group chat lol, which is the reason we’ve been able to successfully & peacefully separate without all of the outside noise,” she said. “The only reason I’m even sharing THIS part of the chat is because the narratives are getting a little out of hand & it’s unfair to all parties involved. I hope this provided some clarity for y’all.”

Regardless of the duo’s separation, this isn’t the last sighting that fans or critics will see of the two together. Taylor and Shumpert’s bond goes beyond marriage and the two are voicing that their family is unbreakable. “We are still the best of friends, great business partners and are one hell of a team when it comes to co-parenting our 2 beautiful children. Most importantly we are FAMILY & in the 10yrs together, 7yrs married, we ain’t ever played with or about THAT.” Shumpert has yet to publicly speak on the separation and there hasn’t been any official interviews given, but Taylor is holding it down for the family with their newly released statement on Instagram.

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai are calling it quits.

In other break-up news, Jeezy files for divorce from his wife, Jeannie Mai. The couple have been married for almost three years and they share a daughter. According to, “Jeezy’s filing said the former couple are ‘currently living in a bona fide state of separation,’ and that their marriage is ‘irretrievably broken’ with ‘no hope for reconciliation.’ The document also said that the rapper wants to share joint legal custody of Monaco.” The unexpected news comes after Mai took to her social media platform to gush over Jeezy’s achievement regarding his New York Times Bestseller list debut, his memoir Adversity for Sale.

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By Kori Barnes, University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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