Why Your Ex Should Stay An Ex

Has your ex ever hit you up randomly? Yeah. We’ve probably all been victims of this. Or worse, you find yourself missing your ex. That has definitely happened to everyone. But staying in close contact with an ex can be problematic. Keeping him or her around can lead to another failed attempt at a relationship or keep you from moving on with your life. Ex’s are meant to stay ex’s and here’s why:

You can’t focus on the future if you’re stuck in the past

Sounds cliche but trust me, it’s true. If you’re constantly thinking about your ex or talking to them, that’s just going to make you think that there’s a chance for you to get back together. When in reality, most of the time your ex is just hitting you up because they’re lonely, not really because they miss you. Honestly, what good is that doing you if you’re caught up in the past? And besides that…

There’s a reason you broke up with them

Everyone has their own reasons why a relationship just didn’t work out, but that’s the main point, it didn’t work. If it didn’t work out the first time, there’s a huge chance it won’t work out the second time either. And that’s simply because some things can’t be forced, especially when it comes to  relationships. You can’t make someone stay with you just to make you happy and vice versa. Instead of keeping time with your ex work on yourself, and if they let you go, well that’s their loss.

It will get better

If you just got out of your relationship, then it’s normal to still miss your old boo. But don’t think that just because you haven’t gotten over him or her in a month, then that automatically means you have to hit them up or answer to them if they’re hitting you up. Things have to fall apart in order for them to get better. This takes time. Have patience. Hangout with your friends, laugh, go out and just have fun. Because truly, the single life can only be as good as you make it out to be. Embrace it! You don’t have to settle or be with anyone to be happy. Trust me, you can do that on your own.


By Veronica Ruiz, Senior, Lane Tech College Prep

Instagram: @v.eronicaruiz

Veronica Ruiz

Written by Veronica Ruiz

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