Wild Rivers Performs Live at Thalia Hall

Wild Rivers perform live in Chicago at Thalia Hall.

Wild Rivers put on an excellent show at Thalia Hall this past Monday. If you don’t know who Wild Rivers is they are a Lo-Fi pop band that will blow you off your feet once you hear their music. The band consist of Khalid Yassein (guitars, vocals, keys), Andrew Oliver (lead guitar, synths), and Devan Glover (vocals). The group released their sophomore album Sidelines this past February which debuted at number nine in the U.S. Spotify debut album chart. The album was co-produced by Peter Katis who is a Grammy award winning producer.

Wild Rivers just came off a sold out European tour and they are keeping the same energy in the U.S. The show kicked off at 8pm and started off with high energy. Wild River performed hit songs Thinking About Love, Heart Attack, and Amsterdam. The crowd was singing along word for word and vibing to the live band. The band Wild Rivers is so talented that throughout the performance, the group would alternate instruments going from the acoustic guitar to a bass guitar or the piano. Wild Rivers also paid tribute to Katy Perry during their performance. Before every song that they have performed, Wild Rivers would tell the story behind the song, or they would make several jokes that would transition into the song. The performance was great and the crowd was entertained throughout the whole show, even chanting “Wild Rivers!” at the end of the performance.

With less than a month left on their Sidelines tour, you can catch Wild Rivers at these upcoming festivals: The Great Escape, Bonnaroo, Winnipeg Folk Fest, and Moon River so hurry and purchase your tickets before they are all sold out.


By Christopher Lockridge

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