Will Chris Breezy Ever Shed His Bad Boy Image?    

The timing was just horrible. As soon as Chris Brown was out here doing his thing, here comes the negativity. Again.

Recently Brown and his home label, RCA Records, agreed to a new deal, making him one of the youngest artists to own his master recordings at the age of 29. Unfortunately, negativity overshadowed his new accomplishment.

Shortly after this was announced, Brown was detained in Paris after a 23-year-old French model, identified by the initials, K.M., filed a rape complaint against Brown, his bodyguard and his friend saying that she was raped four times during a drug fueled party at Chris’s suite at the Mandarian Oriental Hotel in Paris. From jump, Brown said there was no truth to the claim. The charges against him were later dropped.

The whole incident had me wondering if this is something that will be another thorn to Brown’s reputation. Some people are still hating on him for the 2009 drama that went down with Rihanna. We all know that it’s taken him a minute to recover from that.

Breezy, if there’s any chance that you’re out there reading this, I want to offer you some words of encouragement. I wish you nothing, but the best, but it is important to be mindful about who you invest your time in. Everybody don’t wanna see you win. Period. Keep grinding.


By Trinity Bishop, Freshman, Southern Illinois University

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Written by Trinity Bishop

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