Will Smith On Willow: “He’s Sick Of Seeing His Daughter Act Like She’s 12 Going On 24.”


Will Smith is finally putting his foot down! According to, Will Smith is “furious” about Willow’s “sexed up” video for her song “Summer Fling.” Not only is he mad about the video, sources tell Bossip that he’s also mad at his wife Jada for approving it.

“He almost had a heart attack the first time he saw the video.

“Will lashed out at Jada, saying, ‘How could you let my little baby do this?’ Will is very traditional and worries that his kids are growing up too fast.”

Sources go on to say, Will is not letting up this time.

“Jada is very strong willed, but now Will is threatening to put his foot down once and for all.

“He’s sick of seeing his daughter act like she’s 12 going on 24.”

Let us all say Amen as this man puts his foot down LOL… I give Will’s children credit for being so successful in their career… he has some talented children, but they need boundaries. They need someone to limit the things that they do. They’re too free to make their own decisions at a young age. I hope Will doesn’t give into letting things stay the same.

What ya’ll think? Is Will overreacting?


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