Will The Haters Let XXXTENTACION Rest In Peace?

I couldn’t believe the news when I heard it. The 20-year old rapper, XXXTENTACION, who’s real name is Jahseh Onfroy, was gunned down in Broward County, Fla., shortly after he had left a motorcycle dealership where a fan was there to share Onfroy’s last photo on Instagram while he was alive. According to, authorities have said that the main suspects are currently two armed men that were driving a black SUV that approached the rapper’s car and reportedly shot him in the neck.

But here’s the part of the story that I don’t seem to understand. There was a video surfing the Internet of Onfroy lying in his car after he was shot dead. In this video you can see that there were bystanders standing around recording him. BUT WHY? I don’t understand how people can just sit around and record someone who just died. Where is the level of respect? Instead of recording someone, why aren’t you calling the police or doing anything to try to help the victim?

Social media has been in rage lately battling the two different sides of of the rapper’s personality. Condolences from fans and celebrities came pouring in. Even Kanye West posted on Twitter: “I never told you how much you inspired me when you were here.” His death even led social media to express how his death has opened up the broader discussion of how young people are dying every day. Something needs to actually change.

Even though, many viewed XXXTENTACION as being an inspirational individual, others were very upset about the praise he received, citing his history of domestic abuse. But hear me out on this one. It is okay to  just let the rapper rest in peace. Yes, it is well-known that he had a rough past. And him trying to better himself does not excuse him from the terrible acts he committed. But he was making an honest attempt to change for the better, and that has to be acknowledged. Hours before he died, he posted on his Instagram story of the intentions he had of beginning a new charity, which his mother has taken the reins on. So the moral of the story is, let’s focus more on the positive then the negative. Let’s all acknowledge how this man had taken his past and tried to turn it into something much more enlightening. All my prayers go out to his family as well as his fans.


By Trinity Bishop, Freshman, Southern Illinois University

Instagram: @xoxotrin_

Written by IVC Productions

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