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Willow Smith Sings A Soul Rendition of “Oh Nadine”

Hey y’all. I know we can all agree that, new music is a beautiful discovery, especially when the songs take you to special places when you listen to them. This was my first time hearing “Oh Nadine,” or this cover (also sung by Michael Cera), and I am so lucky that there was also a great music video to go with it. It is almost what I had in mind for a the video, just by hearing the song.

Before I begin, Willow Smith is known to be a very versatile and emotional music artist. The feelings conveyed in this video were so uplifting and spiritual, it almost makes you want to cry.

The video began with her running with blood covering a side of her face, as if she had lost something. It was a dream sequence. The background lyrics say:

Oh, Nadine
I woke up from a dream last night
Where all the skies were green

You were the Sun

Down on the wave came your daylight
Oh, Nadine, you were the Sun

Oh, Nadine, oh
Oh, Nadine
Down on the wave came your daylight

As these lyrics continue, It’s almost like she is running in her dream and “Nadine” represents the peaceful side of life. She had panning clips of her and her family playing, laughing and snorkeling. As in her dreams, she was running from something.

The video has such a wonderful meaning, and the way she sings the song brings out so much feeling. It shows that family bonding brings you out of darkness.

You were the sun. Down on the wave came your light.

The music and the video mesh perfectly. Great concept and beautiful visuals. I give this song a 10 out of 10.


By Madinah Muhammad, Junior, Muhammad University of Islam

Twitter: @madinahhh__ / Insta: ma.dindinn

Madinah Muhammad

Written by Madinah Muhammad

Hey, it’s Madinah. I recommend you read my articles, but if you dont, thats okay too. 🙂 - Just a 15-year-old junior tryna express her thoughts to the world.

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