Xmas Gifts For Under $25

Christmas, one of the most joyful and the most financially taxing times of the year is fast approaching.  If you’re a teen or young adult on a budget who still has to get a good gift for your loved ones, chances are you want to make it good and cheap. Here’s a list of 10 meaningful Christmas gifts for under $25 to hopefully ease that holiday panic.


Do you have a writer in your life? Then you can’t go wrong by gifting them a nice journal. This leather bound journal, found on Amazon, is a steal for $21.95.

I’m not sure this one needs much convincing, I mean who doesn’t love a good relaxing face mask? But if I must…face masks are fun, ready for use whenever you feel like pampering yourself, and are the cheapest form of therapy that I know. Get your friends and family a pack of face masks this Christmas. Everyone deserves that experience. You can get the masks on Amazon for just over $15.00.

Cozy socks are a perfect wintertime gift for people of all ages. If you know anyone who loves to be comfy (everyone) and anyone who loves cute socks (everyone sane) then you have the perfect easy Christmas gift for them! Get these online from Target for around $7.

Humidifiers are so helpful for so many reasons, good sleep, better breathing, dry air, and overall self-care. But they’re also big, clunky, and ugly…usually. It can be hard to find a spot for them in your room, which is why these cute mini humidifiers are so convenient in comparison. Get your loved ones this gift that they probably didn’t even know they needed and watch them thank you for thinking of it first. This one can be purchased from Amazon for $20.99.

Don’t ask me when tote bags got in, but they’re in, and for good reason. They’re cute, interesting, cheaper than conventional purses, and have the room and flexibility to carry everything you might need and more. Get your loved ones a tote bag, and get one for yourself too while you’re at it. Click here for a variety of tote ideas.

Throw blankets are a portable access to cozy comfort and a need for every home. These make an especially safe and meaningful present because a house can never have too many throw blankets. So even if your loved one already has one for their living room couch, go ahead and get them another one for their bedroom! Get one from Kohl’s for as little as $20.99.

Candles are a staple of every room in a house. They make the space feel good, smell good, and look good. Most people already have a nice stash of candles, so add to it by buying a new and interesting scent for your person this Christmas. Visit for some unique finds.

Have questions? Ask it into the air and listen for the answer to immediately drift back to you. That is the magic of an Echo Dot, plus more features like playing games, setting timers, playing music, and work as a home telephone. For the low price of fourteen dollars, get your loved ones their own little home robot. Get one online from Target for about $14.99.

At its core, the holidays are a “family time” time of year. And what better way to spend time with the family than a classic movie night? Snatch up a pack of movie night popcorn with unique flavorings to spice up the evening and settle down in front of the TV with your new snack. Order this from Amazon for $22.00.

Colored pencils are a cute useful gift targeted at the artist or creative minds in your life. Or really anyone who might enjoy sitting down to decompress with the age old activity of coloring for fun. Order this 48 pencil set from Amazon for $19.99.


By Kendal Amos, Senior, Chi-Arts

Instagram: Kendal.amos


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Written by Kendal Amos

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