Yikes! Trouble In Paradise


I’m not sure if y’all are into Real Housewives of ATL like I am. However, if you are then trouble in paradise has landed in Phaedra and Apollo’s home. Now we know about five years ago Apollo was released from prison. Since then he has had two beautiful sons with Phaedra Parks. He also married her. You’d think he has changed his life for the better.

Think again! His “partner in crime” Gayla St. Julien ratted him out to the feds. Apollo was the ring leader of a big identity theft operation. Apollo opened faked businesses to steal personal information. He used this personal information to open bank accounts in their names. He’d use fake retirement checks and other checks and take the money. Gayla’s job was to deposit fake checks and she’d get a profit. She started working with him in 2009 after he got out of jail. She worked with the feds for whatever reason and got Apollo to admit to doing this crime. My guess is because the feds found out she had over 40 accounts tied to her name, she was not going down alone.

He is being charged with bank fraud and identity theft. He was let out of jail on a $25,000 bond and is due back in court Feb 12th. This is not good because he is already on parole. Let me get this straight though– how in the world did he get on television knowing that he was a criminal? Like how could he disappoint his family like that? I don’t get it. I wonder if Phaedra will be his attorney. However, so her name does not get put in this mess, she needs to file for a seperation or something. This is about to get messy real soon. I’ll keep y’all updated.

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