Young Thug Teases Fans With ‘Punk’ Tunes During Tiny Desk Concert

Young Thug performs his Tiny Desk concert at home.

Young Thug has always been known for being a trendsetter. He’s eccentric, savvy, and very charamstic. It’s a certain energy around this iconic rapper that makes the mention of his name elevate any promotion for songs, clothing apparel, and more.

So, what would be a Tiny Desk concert without Young Thug making his presence known and giving fans a tease of his new upcoming album Punk. Tiny Desk performances are very intimate in the setting of choice where the artist can feel most comfortable or even in the “OG” setting of Tiny Desk which is in a small studio space. But, Young Thug held his mini concert at his home in a manicured yard where he performed four new songs with Travis Barker on the drums.

Young Thug performed the songs “Die Slow,” “Droppin Jewels,” “Hate the Game,” and “Tick Tock” with heavy riffs and a full rock band to give the aesthetic of the energy he was trying to create. Another thing Young Thug debuted during this performance is his pink hair which plays with the Punk theme titled in Pink for his upcoming album. His pink hair also gained a nod of approval from the Queen of pink herself – Nicki Minaj. According to, “Listennnnn. this. is. dat. mthfkn. gas. right. TF. here. chile. wtf,” the Pink Friday rapper wrote on her Instagram story.”

When is Punk coming out you might ask? The artist is letting the intense anticipation begin for his October 15th drop for his latest heat that he showed on the back of his T-shirt. Do you think this might have the potential to be his best album yet? With the commitment to his new pink do and teaser of Punk during his latest Tiny Desk concert, I’d say that it definitely won’t be average.

Leave your reaction to your news of his upcoming album and pink do below!


By Kori Barnes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by Kori Barnes

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