Your Tat Ink Could Be Cancerous

A Fox8 article recently reported that researchers who have been studying the makeup of tattoo ink, have stumbled on the fact that ink used in the United States could possibly contain some cancer-causing chemicals.

As someone who is young and super interested in getting tattoos (as my friends are), this post caught my attention. The study that was held at the American Chemical Society conference, told us the ingredients that weren’t listed on the label of the ink; ethanol, was still potent and present in the ink. “Everytime we looked at one of the inks, we found something that gave me a pause,” said John Swierk, Ph.D., the project’s principal investigator, in a news release. He added, “For example, 23 of 56 different inks analyzed to date suggest an azo-containing dye is present.”

For those of you who are like me and know nothing about chemicals like this, an azo-containing dye can be carcinogenic; having the ability to cause cancer which is obviously not a good sign when imprinting ink in your skin that’s supposed to last forever. However, getting these tattoos is not the issue at hand. The issue is bacteria and ultraviolet light can degrade these azo pigments into a compound that will have higher chances of carcinogen, according to the Joint Research Centre.

There is still much to learn on this topic. After more tests are run by the researchers and the data is peer reviewed, they will add the information to their website “What’s in My Ink?” Swierk  added, “With these data, we want consumers and artists to make informed decisions and understand how accurate the provided information is.”

Hopefully this new info will lead to tattoo lovers like me getting safer ink in the near future.


By Jay Bryant

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Written by Jay Bryant

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