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You’re Such a Blonde!



Many of us are familiar with the stigma of being a blonde. For years, in the media, they have been portrayed as the pretty but very unaware girls while the brunettes were the girls with the inner beauty and real book smarts. Anyone that does not live in a cave may have already realized that it is just a stereotype created by society. We have ladies of not only difference but of color that have gone out into the world as blondes. It seems as though African American women that have a spotlight on themselves have been getting more and more into having brighter locks. Celebrities like Keri Hilson, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, and Keke Palmer, just to name a few, have been rocking blonde hair and managing respective careers. Even Nicki Minaj, who is a woman of many looks showed up at Elton John’s 21st Annual Aids Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party with dark roots and long blonde locks looking quite elegant. Regardless of how her image changes and the negative press she gets, she is a business woman that does not make the best choices but knows enough to keep her hustle going. Would you really say she suits the title “dumb blonde?”  What are  your thoughts?

Written by meliah


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