YouTubers Worth Watch Pt. 2

I am back again with yet another list of YouTubers worth checking out. Since most of us are living that quarantine life, these videos should be a welcomed change to those moments of bordem. If you haven’t already read part one of this piece just click here. Otherwise, go ahead and start deep diving into this new list.

Aba & Preach

If you’re someone who likes to discuss social issues or controversial topics, these two are definitely worth checking out. I was introduced to them by a friend. Their content is not only interesting but it causes you to think and actually open up your perspective on certain issues whether it has to do with gender, relationships, or politics.


She’s honestly on my list as one of my fav Youtubers when it comes to music reviews. The energy that she gives off in every video is just hilarious. You can actually tell that she’s genuinely interested in the music. Additionally she listens to her fans when it comes to reviewing albums her fans suggest no matter the genre.

Trin Lovell

Those who enjoy movie commentary videos should check out Trin. The 17-year old is honestly relatable and provides the commentary that most of us are thinking when we’re watching certain films. She makes movie reviews extremely fun with her priceless responses.



For anyone who enjoys young adult literature and films, Chanelle is yet another YouTuber to watch. She often talks about points in book-to-movie film adaptations in which there were “mistakes” (which is common in book-to-movie adaptations). Unlike other commentary, she doesn’t exactly show the films. She instead explains her points in a vivid way.


Honest provides nostalgia and interesting stories on all things pop culture with a historic edge. Many topics cover music, celebrities and TV shows we grew up with. Honest lives up to his name with his voice overs that go in depth and provides us with why shows ended or what went on behind the scenes. The celebrity stories vary from their origins and careers all the way to why certains celebrity careers flopped.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoy watching these YouTubers and their content. Hit me up with some of your faves.


Written by TrueStar Staff

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