YouTubers Worth Watching Pt. 3

YouTuber Kennie J.D.

Hey y’all, I’m back again with another installment of YouTubers Worth Watching. I don’t know about you guys but YouTube is definitely my source of entertainment when I get tired of watching TV shows or movies on streaming services. So let’s jump into it. Here are some YouTubers you should definitely check out.


Before I left for college I went to YouTube as a source for what to expect when I got there. I was looking for advice on how the atmosphere would be, what I should pack, and how to save money. Not only was imURgency a wonderful guide, but he kept it real and he was very informative. I think what really drew me to his channel was the fact that he’s a Black creator that focuses on mostly college advice and it’s honestly hard to find that demographic when you look up videos about college life. I highly recommend his channel.

cup of jasmien

If you enjoy art and creativity then you’ll enjoy cup of jasmien’s channel. I was drawn to this channel because I enjoy watching room tours and seeing people decorate/redecorate spaces. It’s enjoyable to see how people express themselves through the space in which they inhabit. Cup of jasmien is a college student at Pratt Institute, a school that I was interested in at one point. Again, if you like art and such, I suggest you check her out.


Another YouTuber who I’ve recently discovered over winter break is amandamaryanna. The first video I watched by her was “The Quirky/Awkward Black Girl” in which she explores the trope and debunks the meaning of the phrase. What I appreciate about her channel is that when she’s doing videos pertaining to more serious topics, she always has her facts. Additionally, I enjoy the variety and range within her videos. She isn’t just a “fashion” channel or a college channel; she tackles multiple topics including film and self-care.

jazzy le 

Here we get a mix. So if you like fashion, advice (life or relationship), and peaks into college life, I highly recommend watching jazzy le’s videos. Her videos are wonderful. I truly appreciate how vulnerable she’s willing to be about life situations, especially when it comes to giving advice to young women with her girl talk segments. It’s during this time that she touches on things such as relationships, coming to terms with your sexuality, and college life away from home.

Kennie J.D.

This is one of my faves for sure. Kennie J.D. focuses most of her videos on movie commentary in a segment she calls “Bad Movie and a Beat.” During this time she reviews some of the cringiest movies that are either from our childhood (such as Twilight) or recent releases all while we watch her put on makeup. And let me just say, her looks are fire!

If any of those channels intrigue you sit back and check them out!


By Monique Petty-Ashmeade, Freshman, DePaul University

Twitter: @writerinthedakr

Written by Monique Petty Ashmeade

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