3 Steps to Mental Wellness in 2023

Reflectly mobile app

Teenagers more than ever need assets and resources to maintain a healthy mental well-being and relieve themselves from stress, whether it be from family or school. If you’re looking for any ways to help yourself or treat yourself right, here are some valuable apps and sites to look into.

BetterHelp is an online therapy system at an affordable price, where you can sign up for a session with a professional therapist tailored to your specific needs and inquiries. Best of all, it is completely confidential and private, so you’re able to be completely protected by their service, which is incredibly commendable. Their website is here:

Reflectly is a mobile app renowned for its endless content for motivation and self-care. The app can customize your phone with more positive messages and device usage management, as well as journal any thoughts from generated prompts, tracking progress or screen use, and daily challenges to help start your day right. It’s completely free to download on the App Store and Google Play Store!

I Am is a daily affirmation app filled with positive reminders and personalized text to help bring more positivity into your daily routine. It’s mainly an app to use for encouragement and meditation; you can select topics and get quotes from them and share your favorite ones. It’s free to download on the App Store.

Let me know if any of these helped you!


By Ezan Charo, Junior, ChiArts

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