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A$AP Rocky Gets A Taste Of Freedom, Thanks Fans For Support

For the past four weeks, A$AP Rocky, aka Rakim Mayers, has been battling for his rights in Sweden after an attack on two men who were allegedly following and bothering him and his crew. While there has been legal tension between the United States and Sweden for a some time, the public rallied  for the rapper’s safe return home. Even Kanye and Kim K. West used their clout to persuade President Trump to step in and help put an end to the situation.

All those good vibes that were put out in the universe worked! Rocky, who pleaded not guilty to the assault, was released from jail on Friday pending the verdict. He is now back home in the United States. Rocky, 30, was even spotted hanging out with Kanye on Sunday. After being released, the rapper sent out some words of appreciation to his supporters.

Even though he’s free now, this case hasn’t gone away completely. If he is found not guilty, then he is able to sue the courts, and gain money out of the stressful process he has been put through since early July. But, if he is unfortunately found guilty, his maximum sentence of prison time is two years. According to NBC News, a final judgment in the case is expected to be reached Aug. 14.

What Does This Mean For Sweden?

Sweden has not been in such spectacular news, lately. Many famous people have come together to take a stand, and cross the country off of their list of traveling locations for the summer. To them, people’s rights aren’t valued as an important matter. If Rocky’s an example of what the legal justice system is looking like, then would you really want to spend a week with your friends over there?

Know Your Rights!

What happened to A$AP Rocky is a literal example of how injustice can take place anywhere you go, regardless of who you are. Wherever you go, learn to research your rights as a citizen of their country. You are not in America, meaning half of the rules over here may not reside to another country’s. Know your rights regarding police, assault and self-defense, and more. Rocky’s case can open up your eyes about becoming aware of everything around you. Next time, it could be you.


By Kyle LeFlore, Sophomore, Providence St. Mel

Facebook: Kyle David


Written by TrueStar Staff

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