Add ‘You People’ To Your Must-Watch List

Lauren London and Jonah Hill play a couple with family issues in the Netflix movie You People. / Netflix

Netflix has dropped yet another banger, this time telling the story of an interracial couple with parents that make the relationship harder than it needs to be. This amazing romantic comedy, written by Kenya Baris and Jonah Hill, has a star studded cast that includes Eddie Murphy, Lauren London, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Duchovny, Sam Jay, and Hill himself. Having talented actors working on a well written story is the formula for a really good movie and this was definitely the case for You People.

The story follows a white Jewish man named Ezra, played by Hill, as he falls in love with a beautiful Black woman named Amira, played by London. The conflict in this story comes from the parents of these characters, as both parents have harmful reactions to the interracial nature of their relationship. This conflict was well done and felt fresh and new. The plot explores the nature of interracial couples and how the people around them react to it. Murphy, who plays Amira’s dad, gave Hill’s character, Ezra, a hard time throughout the movie, but claims he would’ve acted the same either way. Meanwhile Ezra’s mom, played by Louis-Dreyfus, is a little too happy about her son dating a Black girl and comes off offensive in most of the movie. All the characters redeem themselves by the end making this movie a great experience.


It was incredibly engaging to see this dynamic explored, plus you’re bound to laugh out loud every now and then. Hill really impressed me, not just with his acting, but with the hand he had in writing this screenplay with well thought out characters. Go check it out on Netflix and be on the lookout for more Jonah Hill movies.


By Gary Langfield Jr., Senior, The Noble Academy

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Written by Gary Langfield

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