“Body” By Raven Tracy: Cute, Comfy Fashion

Body By Raven Tracy

I have a confession to make. Yes, I’m a true “girly girl” at heart that loves everything to do with designer garments, one of a kind heel creations, luxurious bags, accessories, and more. However, this past year I’ve gotten more into my alternative side – which is my street style, relaxed, and “tomboy” attire. Nothing feels better these days than being in a comfortable pair of sweatpants and tees.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up your street style and seek out brands that have extremely fitting and attractive relaxed wear. Partially due to social media and brands essentially biting off of each other’s designs, it’s been hard trying to find a fashion company with their own unique style of comfortable clothing. “Body” by Raven Tracy has become one of my favorite relaxed and affordable brands this year when it comes to choosing different pairs of sweat suits, bikini wear or more. If you’ve never heard of this Black owned business from a 28-year-old model and entrepreneur, then I’m pretty sure I just gifted you one of the best insider scoops yet.

One of my favorite aspects of “Body” by Raven Tracy is not only do they have super fashionable lounge wear for both women and men, but their brand is focused around promoting body positivity. After receiving my first few packages from the company I noticed that their package wrap is consistent with body positive affirmations. It’s clear that Raven Tracy’s message to her consumers is to express to them that wherever they are in their body journey they are perfect exactly the way they are. I believe this is a very genuine and heartfelt message from her brand because it makes the consumer feel seen; even if we may have never met her.

Recently, I purchased the “Camp Raglan” body logo top for $62.99 and the matching “Camp Cargo” body logo legging for $84.99. I’ve also previously purchased three sets of their limited edition “Backshot” hoodie and sweatpants that I’m always in. Their prices typically range from $40+ for both top and bottom items. Another aspect I love about this brand is that they’re based in LA and not overworn. This “Body” brand still has an element of exclusivity and it’s rare to find someone else with the exact replica of the same shade/outfit that you may have purchased from them. Visit the website for yourself by clicking here.


By Kori Barnes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by Kori Barnes

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