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Kalia Miller Makes her Fashion Dreams Come True

This past Friday Kalia Miller, 18, presented and hosted her first ever spring fashion show. The event took place at the Richard and Sharon Portillo Performing Arts Center at Argo High School with a full crowd. When asked what motivated Miller to put on this event, she stated, “Since I was a little kid I always had a passion for fashion. I wanted to host my own show to be able to say I did what I always dreamed of as a kid. Also, since COVID, everybody became shy and not their true character. I wanted to give the voice to my models and identify their inner beauty.”

Miller showcased her own creations from her Love K line. She shared the spotlight with other local designers, including Broken Hearts by Jeremiah Harris, WHOLE TIME by Rickey Berry, and D!FF3RENT7Y by Kiariana Jeffries.

Amarea Sarai, a model in the fashion show, stated, “I absolutely loved the outfits and the show was amazing! I’m definitely looking forward to participating again.”

Putting a good fashion show together and getting good advertisement was challenging, but overall Miller considered the event a huge success. “My expectation was high I wanted everything to be perfect and to leave a mark,” said Miller. “Everything went amazing and it was most definitely better than expected with the high energy and support of the team.”

Miller is already planning to have another fashion show in the winter of 2024.

For fashion advice or styling/designing services, you can contact Miller via Instagram @featuringkalia.


By Lockridge, Sophomore, South Suburban College

Instagram @lockotb

Written by TrueStar Staff

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