How Much Do You Know About Dating Violence?

For more information on teen dating violence visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and

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    *What is teen dating violence anyway?

    • Teen dating violence only counts when your boo physically harms you.
    • Teen dating violence includes verbal, emotional, and physical abuse.
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    *You’re in a healthy relationship when…

    • Your boo calls you a “thot” or “b*tch” then says he’s “just playing.”
    • Your man surprises you with love letters in your locker.
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    *It’s considered dating abuse if…

    • Bae repeatedly pressures you for sex.
    • Bae constantly belittles you or puts you down.
    • both
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    *Which of these facts is false?

    • Using social media or texting to stalk, bully, or intimidate your partner is a form of abuse.
    • Threats, insults, and screaming are simply forms of communication, not abuse.
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    *Which of these facts is true?

    • People in unhealthy relationships may experience symptoms of depression.
    • People in unhealthy relationships often engage in drug and alcohol use, and think about suicide.
    • All of these are facts.

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