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What’s Your Holiday Fit Looking Like?

The turkey, mac and cheese, bread rolls, greens, and…. Wow, I can practically hear my stomach rumbling at the mere thought or a home cooked meal. But, just as Thanksgiving food can be majorly important for others, so can the right outfit of the day for this and the upcoming holidays. Whether you’re staying inside all day, going to another family member’s house, traveling, or doing something entirely different, when you look good, you feel good. And who said that you can’t do that while being dressed down comfy, a casual cutie, or even an over the top lady. Let’s take a look at a few  outfits you could find inspiration depending on the right setting!


A decorative onesie is perfect for the holiday and the upcoming Christmas season! This is especially a good fit for those who will be helping fix the feast in the kitchen or lounging around all day in anticipation for the food. I love matching pajamas sets or comfy onesies to wear around the house during holiday seasons. Who doesn’t want to be at their most comfortable inside their own home, surrounded by family, and stuffing yourself with good food?


Flared pants are definitely a trend making their way back for the fall season! A simple cropped top (or fitted) with a nice pair of jeans and accessories can go a long way. This is a perfect type of casual fit to wear to a Friendsgiving or when traveling to another family members house for the Thanksgiving feast. It gives the vibe of doing just enough, but not too much! You can still be casual and cute on a holiday surrounded by the people you love.


This style is for all my ladies that love dressing up for special holiday events! A perfect pairing of a bag and heels can really ramp up your outfit. And who doesn’t love a fashionable cardigan to bring a pop of color to the fall hues around you? This style is for my ladies who don’t mind being in heels all day, because every opportunity is the perfect photo op! Face beat, hair laid, and a confident strut will let everyone know you came to slay for the holiday.

By Kori Barnes, Sophomore, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Instagram: @korixnicole


Written by Kori Barnes

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