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Your Summer Concert Survival Kit

The summer of 2023 concert rollout is proving to be more and more stacked with what seems to be a new tour announcement every day.  Musical festivals in and out of town and tickets bought in the fall soon will be finally paying off.  And as fun as they are, concerts and festivals take work and preparation to go on smoothly, especially those that take place in the summer. If you’ve ever been to a concert in the fall or winter and think you know what’s coming, I’m here to tell you that summer concerts are a different beast entirely.

If you’re new to the game, or even old to it and just searching for some new tips and tricks, then this is the article for you. I’m here to be your prep guru, and as your guru I’ve compiled your very own summer concert survival kit for both indoor and outdoor concerts this summer.

Comfortable shoes (indoor + outdoor)

Okay, I know concerts are half about the music and half about the outfit you show up in. And shoes make an outfit. So I’m not asking you to sacrifice that, but if you want to dance and enjoy yourself in your really cute fit, then you need shoes that won’t have you in pain after the first song. I promise, it’s possible to be cute and comfy and it is something you should definitely invest in for any concert. Gymshoes may seem hot at times, but the comfort you will be in is worth it.

Portable charger (Indoor + outdoor)

Getting caught with a dead phone is like getting caught with your pants down, except much more dangerous. Pack your portable charger, and if you don’t have one now, then make sure to purchase one pre-concert. You don’t want to be trying to get to your ride through the post concert crowds without a means of communication or directions, trust me. Plus, think of all the memories you might miss out on capturing with your phone’s camera.

Cash (outdoor)

I know we’ve all gotten used to digital payment being available, and while it’s convenient it won’t always be there. Especially at an outdoor concert that often has vendors set up in little stalls and tends. Make sure to have cash handy along with your debit card and Apple Pay. Besides that, it also makes it easy to spend less money with only a specific amount of cash in reach of your greedy hands. Hey, no judgment! We all get greedy for merch and good food at concerts.

Deodorant (indoor + outdoor)

I honestly say this one with concern for those around you. Being shoulder to shoulder with someone who didn’t read this article that told them to bring deodorant is a terrible experience. Just don’t be that person. It will be summer time, it will be hot, you’ll need that travel size stick. Trust.

Earplugs (indoor)

Tinnitus is a real thing people! You know that warning you get on your phone when your headphones are really loud in your ears and you ignore it? Yeah it’s kind of there for a reason. It’s the same reason that earplugs are on this list. Indoor concerts are so loud you can feel it in your body, and while that’s a part of the experience that I’d never want to take away, it’s also important to be safe. And you might not even have to use them. But if your ears start ringing you’ll be wishing you brought those earplugs with you.

Bring your own water (Outdoor)

This is purely a money saving scheme. At festivals, vendors can get away with charging you an absurd amount of money for water because you might just be that thirsty. But if you can avoid the expense, slide past it by bringing your own water. This is specifically on the outdoor list because most indoor venues will completely bar you from bringing in your own food and drink.

Refer to this survival kit as often as needed, and enjoy the concert season!


By Kendal Amos, Senior, Chi-Arts

Instagram: Kendal.amos


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Written by Kendal Amos

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