Biden & Trump Battle It Out  

Presidential debate is a bad Look for both candidates

Biden and Trump battle it out in first 2024 Presidential debate.

It’s been four years since President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump first went head to head in the race for President of the United States. Which means it’s time for them to go at it yet again.

The first of two presidential debates took place on June 27th. This event was highly anticipated considering the state of the country and the rest of the world. The candidates answered questions that covered a range of particularly pressing issues including the economy, healthcare, and foreign policy.

Despite new rules that didn’t allow a live audience and muted candidates mics when it wasn’t their turn to speak, the debate was full of both men throwing shady remarks towards one another. Even going as far as Biden speaking on Trump’s body weight and Trump speaking ill of Biden’s son.

Biden has received a lot of backlash for his age as he will be 82 in November. Many hoped that he could use the debate as an opportunity to ease the worries about him being “too old”. Unfortunately, it seems as though he could not, as he stuttered on multiple occasions, words would run together, or his voice would drop out at the end of his sentences. This made him difficult to hear and understand certain points that would have been really impactful if he could have emphasized them.

Faith Townsell, rising sophomore and poly-sci major at St. Louis University, said that seeing both Presidents was “alarming”. “As a young person, I see that there is an ongoing sentiment that longs for someone who is younger and more in touch with the experiences we face.”

Although campaign sources say that the President has been dealing with a cold recently, attempting to explain last nights challenges, this still doesn’t fare well for Biden’s image.

Although Trump seemed well spoken, there were multiple instances of him changing the subject when certain questions were directed his way. When conversation steered towards January 6th, Trump refused to address the situation, instead claiming that during his presidency the country “had a great border,” and made more offhanded comments about topics that did not relate to the part he played in the riots. The former president also made a habit of lying multiple times throughout the discussion.

One of Trump’s lies was that “every legal scholar” supported the idea that abortion laws should be left up to the States’ local governing bodies and not the federal government. Amongst other things, knowing that Roe v. Wade stood in effect for 50 years as a Constitutional right, we know this isn’t true.

Trump also stated that migrants were taking “Black jobs,” shocking many. Cornell Franklin-Smith, a film major at Columbia University, said, “I think the debate highlights how far removed these two are from the common person. Like yes, “Black jobs” was ‘hilarious’ but also it shows that we elected a person that literally categorizes jobs by race.”

Both candidates seems to be unsettling in the minds of young voters. Another student said that she didn’t watch the debate as she “had no interest in watching a lose lose situation. If we vote for the convicted criminal so much will go wrong and if we vote for Biden, blood is still on our hands.” Their sentiments mimic a feeling that many dems/libs have expressed across the country.

It seems as though this debate has not changed much for people, but rather solidified opinions they already had. Tune into fact checks and reviews of the debate as that will be helpful in increasing your understanding on the candidates and their stances. Tune in to the the next debate which will be hosted by ABC on September 10th.


By Da’Jae Allen, Sophomore, Howard University

Instagram: @dajae.10


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Written by Da'Jae Allen

My name is Da’Jae and I’m from the West Side of Chicago. Reading is my favorite pastime, and I adore unicorns.

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