FaceTime Freak-out

Tips for first-time conversations with your crush

Since most of us are team iPhone, we all have FaceTime. Since FaceTime is like meeting someone in person, this can create all types of anxiety just like meeting someone for the first time in person. You might be concerned about capturing the right angles, not looking cute enough or simply not having much to talk about. If you find yourself being in this situation or having this same concern, you’re not alone. I’ve been there. So, let me help y’all out with some one-on-one advice to help you stop being nervous during FaceTime calls with your crush.

There is no need to get all glamed up.

I know we all have a habit of wanting to look good every time we FaceTime, but listen, if you and your crush keep talking, nine times out of ten, your not going to have a full face of makeup every time you FaceTime. I’m not saying that you should go on there looking any kind of way because you shouldn’t, but what I am saying is to just be you. If you feel like going in the camera with your bonnet and durag tied, do just that.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

What we all need to know and understand that it’s okay to be different. Don’t change the way you talk or move just because of what your crush may specifically like. If he or she doesn’t accept you for who you really are then they ain’t the one for you boo.

Give them your undivided attention.

Listen up guys. From a girl’s perspective, when I call, I just don’t want to see you playing 2k or Fortnite. Instead, I want your undivided attention just like I would give you. And for my ladies, don’t keep your crush on pause to tell your friend every little thing that you and your crush discuss on FaceTime. Just like you go on a date with someone and avoid touching your cellphone, the same respect should be given on FaceTime.

It took me a while to realize after a few FaceTime calls, it definitely ain’t that serious. If someone really likes you, they will not look at you any different even if you have a bonnet or a big t-shirt on.


By Trinity Bishop, Sophomore, Southern Illinois University

Instagram: @xoxotrin_, YouTube: TrinSetter TV

Written by Trinity Bishop

Hey y'all! my name is Trinity but you can also call me Trin. I hope you guys enjoy my stories. If you would like to further connect with me, be sure to follow me on Instagram @xoxotrin_.If you want more tips from me, be sure to subscribe to me my YouTube channel, TrinSetter TV!

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