5 Lil Nas X Songs Worth Listening To

(That aren’t “Old TownRoad”)

Before ”Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X was a little known artist just trying to make it big like every other musician. It wasn’t until he released “OTR” that he went big. What is a huge shame to me is that not many people have listened to much of his music aside from the history-making hit, and possibly “Panini” or “Rodeo” (ft. Cardi B). I’ve listened to every single Lil Nas X song I could find, and I wasn’t disappointed at all by ANY song. Even Eminem, my all time favorite artist, has disappointed me several times, yet Lil Nas X hasn’t, which is incredible to me. Here’s a list of Lil Nas X’s best songs in my opinion. (Note: Popularity was not counted as a factor)

“Sonic Sh!t” (Nasarti)

This was the hardest song for me to choose, since I could easily have switched it out for three other songs. But I chose “Sonic Sh!t” over other songs due to how Lil Nas X shows off his immense skills as a rapper, while attacking the newer generation of rap. “Sonic Sh!t” perfectly displays how clever he is with his words and shows his massive potential as a rapper.

*Favorite Line: “You pu**ies yell over a beat and call it rappin’ and sh*t, I’m rookie and I’m out here snappin’, I done mastered this sh*t, you pu**y bastards get captured, fractured, and splattered and sh*t.”

“Kim Jong” (Nasarti)

This song could also have been swapped with “Sonic Sh!t,” but I just barely prefer “Kim Jong” over it. In this song, Lil Nas X does more of the same from “Sonic Sh!t,” but does it differently in a way that just makes it sound better to me. He raps softer and brags a lot about himself, but can back it up unlike other rappers.

*Favorite Line: “Delusional n*ggas thinking they up next, that’s a shame, cause they name ain’t Lil Nas X.”

“Bring U Down” (7)

Lil Nas X proved after Old Town Road that he can be a star in more than just one genre. So naturally, why not try your luck out with rock music, one of the most beloved genres of all time? Not only did he release this 2000’s alt. rock sounding song, but man did he deliver. As a huge alt. and grunge rock music fan, I honestly felt like I was listening to a classic band from the early 2000’s. The song itself is produced by Ryan Tedder, a producer who worked with One Republic and produced the hit song “Counting Stars.” Lil Nas X tweeted that the song “[is] from the perspective of people who try to ruin other ppls career when they see them on the rise.”

*Favorite Line: “I dug up your past and now I know all of your moves, and I got witnesses, statements, and I got all of the proof.”

“C7osure” (7)

It is a hard, hard thing to come out as gay. Especially if you’re as famous as Lil Nas X is. So the way he decided to come out was through subtle hints and through the release of C7osure. (For more about him coming out, click here). This soft, heart-filled song talks about how he needs to “grow” (presumably grow into who he is and be comfortable with who he is) and how he needs to come out now, because he “can’t be regretting when I’m old.” The song is great for the amount of story and heart put into it, and how emotional it can make someone who has gone through a similar path as Lil Nas X.

*Favorite line: “No more red light for me, baby, only green, I gotta go. Pack my past up in the back, oh, let my future take a hold.”

“Carry On” (Nasarati)

If someone thought that C7osure was emotional, then there’s a safe bet they’ll have tears built up as they closely listen to “Carry On.” He starts off by rapping about how “cold’ his flow is, which is likely him talking about how he is masking all his struggles in life by using his music as a way to forget it. Then he gets deep. He touches on the subject of his father, who walked out on him as a child and complains how his father doesn’t even try to communicate with him. Lil Nas X talks more about the dark side of his personal life, but states that he has to “carry on” even if he doesn’t understand it. If you’re a fan of story-telling songs, this is one of the best I’ve ever heard, maybe the best.

*Favorite line: “I just pretend it’s all ok, I’ma kill everything that’s in my way.”

Like I said, all of these songs are worth listening to so you should do just that.


By Hugo Vazquez, Senior, Brooks College Prep

Instagram: @sadbullsfan14 /

Snapchat: hugovbrooks

Written by TrueStar Staff

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