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Flip The Script Creates More Filmmakers

Flip The Script has returned for season 4 to make two more dreams come true for local creatives. For those of you who don´t know, Flip The Script is a filmmaking fellowship in which the participants engage in a screenwriting competition after receiving hands-on coaching from Eunice Shelley, a professional writing coach and the creator of Flip The Script. The two winners of this competition will get to turn their scripts into an actual movie with the writers leading separate productions as the director. Shelley created this program to give writers of color development and opportunity, and partnered with True Star to reach young people and give them invaluable training.

The first winner this year is a young lady named Kayla Onyeali, and her film is called Cross The Border. According to Onyeali, “Cross The Border follows Malia, a young woman with Multiple Personality Disorder, who must contemplate killing her father to keep herself safe after he beats her within an inch of her life.” This pitch really captured listeners with not only sheer shock value, but with the moral questions that it presents. “To me the story is a message about how we treat people and how our actions can affect others,” Onyeali said.

Kayla Onyeali

The value of this program has not gone unnoticed by the winners. “Having my film be selected was such a great feeling. I’m very excited to see the execution of the script be brought to life and be on a professional set. I put a lot of work into the script and to see it pay off is so rewarding,” said Onyeali. “Working with Ms. Eunice and Ashley has been so much fun and so much work, but it was definitely worth it. I’ve learned so much about the writing process and myself, and everything I’ve learned so far, and will continue to learn, is invaluable.”

Joining Onyeali as a season 4 script winner is a young man named Miles Guichard with his script Just In Time. Guichard’s pitch went like this: “When a child vanishes without a trace, his desperate babysitter and a self-proclaimed “hood detective” must band together to solve the mystery of his disappearance before the child’s father returns home.”

Miles Guichard

Guichard is thrilled by all the opportunities that FTS has provided him so far. “Flip the Script has honestly taught me more about screenwriting and the production process than I’ve learned even while in college at Howard. I like how committed all of the instructors are to seeing that we learn all these skills in full while we’re still young. While they’re tough on us, programs like these are what help launch careers and carry people years into the future, so I’m really glad to be working in Flip the Script and even more happy that my idea won the competition.”

“I’m very excited to begin shooting,” Guichard added. “When people ask me what I did over summer break I get to say, ‘I made a movie, wanna watch it?’ which is a dream come true for me.”

To watch the participants give live pitches of their movie concepts, go to the Flip The Script Fellowship page on Facebook.


By Gary Langfield Jr., Freshman, Columbia College Chicago



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Written by Gary Langfield

A dude from Chicago with the dream of making movies one day.

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