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How Much Would You Pay for a Pair of J’s?

These 1998 Jordan 13’s are expected to be auctioned off at Sotheby’s in New York for up to $4 million.

If you’ve ever complained about the rising price of sneakers, thinking that there’s no way companies could get away with selling shoes for hundreds of dollars then just wait until you hear about this.

In a bidding that will take place from April 3rd to 11th, a pair of Jordan 13’s are estimated to sell for a whopping $4 million. But of course with a price tag that high, these are no ordinary shoes. It was these red and black iconic shoes that Micheal Jordan himself wore during Game 2 of his final NBA championship. Sotheby’s in New York plans to put them in the hands of some very dedicated fan.

In January, Air Jordan teamed up with Sotheby’s to sell the 13’s as well as 12 other retro sneakers that were designed in honor of The Notorious B.I.G. Those outsold their own estimates by the thousands. Legend has it that this particular pair of Jordan’s were signed and given to a ball boy.

This is all being done to celebrate “Jordan Year” which refers to the famous number on the athlete’s jersey and the legend himself has a history of his memorabilia breaking records and selling for almost inconceivable numbers.

In 2021 a pair of Nike Air Ships won by Jordan were marked the first set of sneakers to be sold for more than $1 million and last year his Game 1 jersey went for $10.1 million.

It’s looking like this time will be no different. We should all be prepared to witness a battle to the death (or to bankruptcy) as the Jordan 13’s go on auction in April.


By Kendal Amos, Senior, Chi-Arts


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Written by Kendal Amos

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