Kehlani Adds A Message to Her Music


Hit artist Kehlani has been using her talent to entertain and engage audiences across the world. Kehlani recently dropped her music video for her newest single “Next 2 U” and it has been making waves in the pop charts and in the media.

Kehlani broke into the music industry in 2011 with teen pop group Poplyfe, shortly after Kehlani split from the group and began making mixtapes on soundcloud where she gained a huge fan base. Years later she released her first solo album SweetSexySavage in 2017 which peaked at No. 3 on Billboard charts. Fans are eager to hear Kehlani’s long awaited album with her last project “Blue Water Road” dropped in 2022.

One of my favorite parts of the new video was the talented dancers and the amazing choreography by Amari “Monsta” Marshall. Marshall has been taking the dance and choreography industry by a storm with her unique and innovative style. You may have most recently seen her on Beyonce’s renaissance tour, or on “Good Day Chicago”.

“I loved being on set with Kehlani. This was my first time working with her. I love that she gave an opportunity for women to be themselves and be who they are,” said Amari “Monsta” Marshall. “They’re all super Masc females, and sometimes those queens don’t get gigs or get as much limelight and shine, because they may not fit the normal standards of a woman in the dance industry and what people wanna see with an artist.”

It was not only the dancing that captivated my attention but a layer of activism added to the video. With the war that is occurring in Palestine, Kehlani used her platform to spread awareness and display her alliance with Palestine.

Marshall spoke on how this element was added and her feelings about the statement Kehlani is making. “You know, this first started off, as, you know, her next music video and single that we knew would be a hit. But once she decided that she wanted to bring awareness to Palestine, Sudan, Congo that’s when it went to a whole nother level, and gave it so much more depth and purpose, which I really respected as an artist. She’s willing to take the risk and use her platform for good and spread awareness to things that should be talked about.

In addition to bringing awareness in her video, Kehlani and her team set up a fundraiser to help those in need. “Me and my team feel overwhelmed with gratitude for y’all showing out for this fundraiser. We’re blessed to say we supported artists in the West Bank while raising money for families in Gaza, Sudan, and Congo…We’re blessed to play a small part in a growing tide towards the truth about Palestine.”

I love how Kehlani simultaneously entertains and educates her viewers out there. If you haven’t seen the video yet I highly recommend that you do. If you have seen it, be sure to leave your reaction below!

By Amariyah Mallory, Junior, Whitney Young

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Written by Amariyah Mallory

Amariyah Mallory is a life long learner who's passionate about dance, committed to social justice and service, invested in African America culture and current events, and devoted to writing. 

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