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Rona And My College Life Don’t Mix

Colleges and universities are closing to decrease the spread of Coronavirus, aka Rona. This is the better option considering everybody doesn’t get the opportunity to test and symptoms don’t present themselves immediately. Scientists and government officials are saying staying inside your house around the same people you’re usually around is the safest approach, but a part of me wishes schools weren’t closed for the remainder of the semester.

My school, Saint Xavier University, isn’t stopping classes but they are switching to online learning for the remainder of the spring semester. I think this is good for a couple weeks, but not for months of work. I have classes where the professor will post the material online anyway and the transition will be smooth. However, I do two science classes with labs and that won’t transition as well.

Lab is where we take whatever we learned in lecture and we work hands-on with whatever that topic is for the week. It’s hard to work hands-on when the material is on a computer. It takes away from the experience. Lab homework can feel unnecessary sometimes but at least we actually go in the classroom. We’re able to run the experiments and touch the viruses we’re learning about using a microscope.

Aside from not meeting face-to-face for class, we have to move out of the dorms. But we don’t get any refund for the loans and money that has already been spent. Our meal plans don’t roll over to next year. I know it’s nobody’s fault that a virus is spreading rapidly, but that doesn’t make it any less fair. I paid to live on campus until May and now I’m at the house wondering what could’ve been. The meal plan is bothering me too because I did try to budget out my money for this semester instead of spending as much as I could in a day and I have plenty of money on that card. Money that’s just going to go back to the university instead of my stomach.

And employment?! I work on campus and that’s where the majority of my little income comes from. I was saving this entire semester so I could enjoy my summer vacation (outside of the classes I was taking). I already knew how I was going to spend that money. Now all of it is a figment of my imagination. The school hasn’t said how they’re going to support student workers during this time, but I have a feeling it’s not going to satisfy all walks of life.

Again, I understand the reasoning for wanting to close schools after spring break, specially when students are traveling everywhere for vacation. If they didn’t cancel I would most likely be complaining about how school officials are just okay with us spreading a virus. But I’m worried about compensation, or a lack of compensation.

Only time will tell what will happen after this pandemic has ended. Until then I’ll just sit in my house and complain.


By Triniti Maye, Sophomore, Saint Xavier University

Instagram: @thatssotrin


Written by TrueStar Staff

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