Sexy Mama: RiRi Makes Pregnancy Look Good

Rihanna, photographed with boyfriend A$AP Rocky, has mad being pregnant fashionable since the photo was released announcing the baby.

The saying is that all pregnant women have a certain glow when they’re carrying life that’s growing inside of them. I can say that I have witnessed this personally and publicly with women who are pregnant. Rihanna’s pregnancy definitely has her glowing.

There’s also another saying that women who are pregnant should only be in clothes that are comfortable, loose fitting, or dress in all black to appear smaller to the public if you’re carrying extremely big. Rihanna has proved that “traditional maternity wear” is not in her vocabulary whatsoever. The singer/entrepreneur has given the girls a new approach to slaying a pregnancy and I’ve never seen it done in this amazing way before. Rihanna has yet again created her own league and category and won.

To the dismay of certain critics that believe pregnancy should be “modest,” Rihanna goes against the stereotype of questioning why can’t I be modest and sexy? She may also ask, “Why can’t I embrace my pregnancy with garments that showcase my belly?” Rihanna has proved that she’s going to remain true to her authentic style and core; regardless of anyone else’s opinion. What I adore most about Rihanna’s maternity fashion is that her pregnant belly is truly an accessory piece that brings the entire look together. Whether that be in street wear, casual cute attire, or black sheer and lace she’s changed the entire game when it comes to this level of motherhood.

Her boyfriend, rapper A$AP Rocky, has supported his queen throughout her pregnancy and her wardrobe as he makes sure to complement each piece she wears with his attire. Over a decade ago the two starred in his music video “Fashion Killa” and this couldn’t have manifested even more perfectly than it already has throughout their experience. I haven’t seen a pregnancy look done by Rihanna that I haven’t loved yet and I’m definitely going to miss her stunning maternity looks after the baby is born. But one thing is for sure; anything basic or mediocre of Rihanna’s fashion style is nonexistent.

There’s even been speculation that RiRi is carrying twins due to a recent interview with Vogue where she expressed her excitement to see “them” when gushing about the baby growing in her womb. This could just be her way of protecting the sex of the baby to announce when she’s ready. However, Rihanna has been photographed a few times publicly shopping with her team in the baby girl section for clothes and more; so it doesn’t seem that she’s trying to hide the sex of the baby. But even then she was photographed in a simplistic casual cute attire with heels! Pregnant RiRi and heels? A perfect match.


By Kori Barnes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by TrueStar Staff

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