The “Sunday Reset” Trend

The best reset day is always Sunday. The last day of the week that can prepare you for a new one. A Sunday routine that is simple yet effective and can help you balance all that you have to do in the next seven days. “Sunday Reset” videos are currently trending on Tik Tok. According to USA Today, the hashtag #SundayReset has garnered over 620 million views from videos about self-care, kitchen, cleaning, and laundry. Here are five things to do on a Sunday that will help you recover from the week:

*Clean Your Space: To start the week off right, cleaning your area is such a refresher. Tables are wiped down, floors are clear, items are put away, and you can’t forget to light some candles for a revivifying touch. When your space is clean so is your mind, allowing you to refocus on what is important. Thoroughly cleaning on a Sunday means you’re half way there to a rewarding Sunday reset.

*Meal Prep: The best thing you can do to prepare yourself for a busy week is meal prepping. Throw a small Sunday dinner in there too if you’re feeling motivated. All in all, categorizing your lunches and dinners will save you a lot of time cooking for yourself every day. Might I mention it saves you cleaning time, money, and reduces waste. What better way to reassure yourself you are going to be energized when you have 10+ meals ready for you.

*Check Your Calendar: After you’ve done all the busy work, you can now take the time to focus on your priorities. If any new events arise add them to your calendar and make sure to mark the past weekdays if you don’t do it daily. Most importantly, bring out that to-do list. Track what you’ve completed or still need to do for the following week. You don’t have to worry about something you forgot since it will be written down. I guess that’s my point. Write down everything you want to accomplish for each week day and your life load will seem a bit lighter.

*Get To Know Yourself: You’ve cooked, cleaned, wrote down your priorities for the week, now spend some time with just you. Do this by journaling. Sharing your thoughts about how your week went or simply jotting down random feelings can help a lot with anxiety. Life is tough and trying to get through an entire week, let alone a day, is challenging for some people. Keep a journal near only for your eyes. It’s a great booster for memory and emotional intelligence. Don’t believe me? Give it a try.

*Self-Care: This is best practice to do on Sundays. Your schedule is most likely clear so treat yourself to a long bath with Epsom salts. Put on a charcoal face mask or simply take your time doing your skincare or hair routine. There are different types of self-care so choose one that is best for you. Mental self-care is best activated when meditating, reading, or listening to your favorite songs. Physical self-care can be when you dance or work out moving your body.

These five practices are great for a Sunday reset. Putting in most of the work one day at the beginning of the week, can impact your upcoming seven.


By Jayla Johnson, Illinois State University Alum

Instagram: Jaylalj_


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Written by Jayla Johnson

Jayla Johnson is an Illinois State University alumni and blogger for her own website JJMedia, which spotlights digital creations and interviews people in the field.

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