Tips For A Healthy Relationship 

Relationships are important in our day to day lives. They can add or take away from our happiness and in many ways they shape us as individuals. Rather it be romantic or platonic,  relationships play a key factor in who we are. It’s important that we’re continuously building and maintaining the unions that we’ve established. Here are a few tips on how to do so.


Now we all know the corny cliche “communication is key,” but it’s true; communication IS key. In a relationship it’s important to talk to each other and see what you are and aren’t comfortable with, what can be done to improve the relationship, and what’s working. In doing this you can work on getting on the same page to having the best possible relationship with each other.


Another important factor in healthy relationships is time. Making time to visit the person you care about, taking them on a date, or even calling them in the middle of your busy day to tell them you miss them can go a long way. Time is something that we all have very little of so it feels good when other people go out of their way to give us some of their time and energy.


Trust is a bit hard because it’s earned and not easily given, however, there are still some things you can do to start building that trust. When making promises to the person you care about, KEEP THOSE PROMISES. It can be as small as telling them you were going to buy them their favorite candy next time you see them or something larger like not telling someone a big secret they told you. Once trust is built in a relationship the bond can grow to some extreme heights. Just remember to continually build trust throughout the relationship and not take the person you care about for granted.

Have a relationship with yourself 

Now on the MOST important thing: Have a relationship with yourself first. Before being able to do anything with anyone else, you have to be able to pour into yourself. All of these tips are things that you have to follow through with yourself as well. If you don’t help yourself, how can you expect to know how to help someone else and add more to the relationship you are building? When interacting with different people in your life, remember your relationships are a reflection of you and how you treat yourself.


By Lauryn Friar, Senior, Gwendolyn Brooks

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