Sudan Archives Makes A Stop In Chicago

Sudan Archive poses with a fan at her after-party following her Lincoln Hall concert.

Sudan Archives put on an excellent show at Lincoln Hall this week. The show took place this past Wednesday and Archives came to show out. She started with high energy and ended with high energy. Not only can Archives sing, but she is also an excellent violinist. She got a standing ovation at the end of the night, closing the show out by showing us her true skills on the violin.

Archives is currently on tour performing her latest album Natural Brown Prom Queen. This project was recently rated a 9.0 by Pitchfork which ties her with Beyonce’s Renaissance album. Last month Archives even made her television debut on the Stephan Colbert show.

After the show Lincoln Hall show, Archives hosted an after-party where she kicked it with friends and family. She did her best at making everyone feel comfortable and treating everyone equally. Archives took pictures with fans and even held conversations with them. Archives is next up, and I highly recommend you check out some of her music. There’s a reason why she has a 9.0 rating.


By Christopher Lockridge

Instagram: Lockotb


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Written by Christopher Lockridge

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