True Star Spotlight: Anasia Beckham  

Anasia Beckham is a member of True Star’s South Side podcasting team.

Anasia Beckham, a junior at South Shore International College Prep, is a part of the podcasting program and has been since the fall. In the time that she’s been with True Star, Beckham has developed a new passion for creating content and using that content to speak to her areas of interest.

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How long have you been a part of True Star? 

Since October 2023. It was around the beginning of this school year.

What made you want to become a part of True Star? 

It was something new. Here at South Shore, I’m a medical student, so I do a lot of medical related things and things related to the basic curriculum of a high schooler. I felt like they didn’t really talk about podcasting as a job in general at South Shore, so I just thought it would be nice to learn about something new; see how I like it, if I like it – just dibble and dabble in new stuff.

How did your True Star discipline spark a passion for learning? 

It makes me want to put the work into some things knowing that my stuff will be on social media or people will be able to see it and it will have an impact on people my age. That kind of made me want to turn my assignments in more every time Ms. Shei said it was due. I know it’s going to make a good impact, not only to me, but to people that look like me or [people] around my age.

What is your ideal career? 

When I was first coming into True Star, my main thing was I was medical field bound regardless. I wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon for the NFL and a sports medicine specialist for the NFL. That was my dream goal. It’s still one of my big medical career goals but now, I’m thinking, as a side hobby, to combine the two. Recording my life as a doctor, how it is to Black women in the medical field and stuff like that. I’m just thinking about doing an influencer type of thing with the medical stuff to help show my side of the story.

How has True Star prepared you for your future career?

With the payroll, direct deposit, I didn’t know. I’m fairly new to direct deposit and things like that. Also, helping me with my time management. Knowing that I only do True Star podcasts two days out of the week, it helps me manage the assignments that I get started on Tuesday and making sure that I have it done by Thursday.

How have you benefited from being a member of True Star? 

I feel like I got a lot of exposure; more social networking exposure. I’m not really an introvert. I’m mostly extroverted most of the time. In new areas, I’m quieter. For me to go to the fundraiser event that we just did, that was fairly new to me. I’ve fundraised before but not to the point I’m talking to people every time that they come into the room, like ushering and things like that, learning a new way to social network while incorporating the True Star way.

What has been your favorite True Star experience so far? 

My favorite True Star experience was when we came with everybody that could come from South Shore to the office in Bronzeville and watch other schools. That was really eye-opening because you think you’re the only program on this side of town but you’re not. You have people that know the struggle and know the complications that come with not getting your assignments in on time. That was one of the biggest gains for me.

How has True Star contributed to your success in life so far?

I feel like I will always have a place at True Star. I feel like I could get my foot in if I ever drop medical as a passion of mine. If I ever drop it, I would definitely pick up a full-time job at True Star. I feel like that can contribute to my success, just being there as like a cushion for me or a backup for me. I feel like that’s something that I might need because you never know. Things do arise, life happens, you never know. I feel like them being my cushion is good for my success.

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