Were You Into the ‘The Kardashian’ Reboot?

You might have thought this famous family was officially done with the limelight and showcasing their inner drama on TV after their long-running series on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” concluded. However, this family is just getting started with their spin on a new adaptation of letting the world into their personal realm. “The Kardashians” has just finished their season finale on Hulu streaming services that’s now available.

I love that this new series gives more of a vlogger style while showcasing the lifestyle of this famous family and how exactly they want to tell their story, instead of being told how to do so. This series gives more of a personal and authentic feel with the lighting, more guest appearances of Kanye West and Travis Baker, and expressing themselves in a new way that fans may not have been familiar with before. Of course, the drama that escalates is news that has hit social media, so fans have a bit of knowledge with certain situations that arise. The Kardashians disclose the infamous sex tape scandal that was threatened to have a part two–something Kim K had a meltdown over–but her now ex, Kanye West, took to her rescue in retrieving the footage. We’ve never seen Kourtney Kardashian be happier in the relationship she’s in with her now husband, rock star and drummer Travis Baker, and their journey with preparing to conceive a child. Additionally entertaining are the before and aftermath of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s further cheating scandals that shook her to her core.

Despite the drama that does circulate throughout the show, we do receive more information on how Kim K and her new beau Pete Davidson got together and that they’ve become more serious than initially planned. Kylie Jenner was also on hand preparing to have her second child with her boyfriend Travis Scott.

I think it’s important for previous and even new fans to watch this new series of the Kardashian family because I think they’re giving audiences a chance to learn who they really are and not what the media displays. There’s also a lesson in the importance of family and what it truly means to stick beside each other, no matter what. The protectiveness that is shown throughout this series that the family members have for one another is displayed stronger than ever.

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