What’s Your Icy Park Pick?

Beyonce’s Icy Park Collection

If you haven’t purchased a set from one of Beyonce’s Ivy Park collections, her recent release of her third drop might have you sold. With the new drop being titled “Icy Park” it’s theme is nothing short of the streets meeting the slopes in an apparel twist.

According to,”Expanding on the partnership’s collaborative mantra, ‘Where is My Park,’ the collection is supported by a multi-media campaign, playfully dubbed “ICY PARK,” which seeks to inspire creativity, individuality, and imagination. With a campaign that features a diverse number of collaborators, IVY PARK  invites all to think outside the box. New faces featured include model Hailey Bieber, record label CEO and rapper Gucci Mane, singer Kaash Paige, and models Akesha Murray, Shi Gray, and Kyla Coleman, to celebrate freedom of expression.”

Since Gucci Mane is the icy gang with his iconic catchphrase of “Brrrr” with his white diamond encrusted grill and chains, this was a brilliant connection between the “Icy Park” theme and it’s visuals. Gucci Mane is the epitome of “Icy” and to see him modeling the newest “Ivy Park” by Beyonce only makes you want to purchase the line even more. I love the amount of power and influence Beyonce has to secure some of the top names in the entertainment and music industries to promote her brands. But, it is Beyonce after all. I mean, who would ever say no?

According to, “Effortlessly functional, relentlessly stylish, and always inclusive, the collection features a number of bold apparel pieces matched with a selection of complimentary accessories. Elevating versatility with essential winter wear, the “ICY PARK” apparel offering infuses alpine silhouettes with faux shearling and performance towel terry materials, adding texture for the quintessential cozy vibe. Meanwhile, bringing the collection’s evocative theme to life, select apparel and accessories boast a brand new IVY PARK  monogram, while others sport a playful ski tag print.”

Another aspect of Beyonce’s “Ivy Park” lines that I love is that the ads and campaigns are so incredibly visually pleasing. It’s all about the aesthetic with Beyonce, the vision and the craft being brought to life in a unique way. Especially on her Instagram platform, she models and puts her photos in collages that show the color spectrums of her “Icy Park” line. Every time Beyonce drops a photo on Instagram she actually breaks the Internet. Imagine my surprise when I saw the newest line and immediately fell in love with the vision. Here is the link to her advertising photos:

If you don’t know what you’re going to order first from the “Icy Park” line after reviewing the campaigns, you better hurry before it sells out! The third adidas x Ivy Park collection launched earlier this month on and is now available in stores globally. Prices range from $30 to $850 for accessories and outerwear.


By Kori Barnes, Junior, UNLV

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by Kori Barnes

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