Angel Reese’s WNBA Milestone 

Angel Reese recently received her first double double in the WNBA.

This Angel has found her athletic debut wings.

Since the arrival of “Bayou Barbie” on the Chicago WNBA scene, fans and Chicagoans have welcomed this athlete to our beloved city. After the official WNBA draft where Angel Reese was selected by the Chicago Sky team, social media went into a frenzy with new nicknames for the rookie and excitement to share hairstylists, nail techs, spas, and more for the rising star. Although her rookie season just started, Reese is already making headlines with a few of her first WNBA career milestones.

Despite the Chicago Sky encountering a 77-68 loss to the Seattle Storm, Reese was shining bright on the court by securing her first career double-double in the WNBA. She displayed her athleticism and flexibility by scoring 11 points, 12 rebounds, three assists, and two steals within 30 minutes of being on the court. Despite her previous comfortability at LSU, where her talents spread viral across social media platforms and celebrity sightings throughout media opportunities, Reese has shown consistency throughout her first five games on the Chicago Sky.

Reese’s rising impact is not only being felt on the basketball court amongst fellow rookies Cailtin Clark, Cameron Brink, Kamilia Cardoso, and more, but she’s already becoming a household name in the making by influencing an increase of targeted audiences to bring viewers to the WNBA. Regardless of the outcome of this recent game, the Chicago Sky are only gearing up to advance further this basketball season. Since Reese has officially been on the WNBA team, fans have made her name trend across social media platforms such as X and even referencing her connection to LSU in songs like “Put it on Da Floor Again” by Latto ft. Cardi B.


By Kori Barnes, University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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