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Best Emojis To Shoot Your Shot

Sweetest Day is tomorrow. Are you ready? If not, don’t worry. Here’s your personal guide to shooting your shot to your crush with the simple click of your thumbs.


Let’s kick this off with our favorite peeping Tom emoji. The wide eyeballs emoji is sure to let your crush know that you peep how they comin’.


I thought this message was “be the snowflake to my bowl of noodles at first.” Now I know it’s “be the Quavo to my Saweetie,” because what girl doesn’t need a glacier boy?


I know I just said we all need a glacier boy, but I also think it’s okay to settle for a hottie.

🛏 🛋📦

This message tells your crush, “I’m moving into your DM’s.”


Roses and chocolates! A classic. Send a dozen if you have the time and the gigabytes.


Send some bling if your crush is hubby/wifey material. Throw in a shirt emoji if you really bout’ that corny life.


Last but not least, we have our love letters. I’d love to have a secret admirer bring back chivalry with these sweet nothings.

I’m not finished yet! For all the DOs we have our DONTs. Here are three emojis you should probably leave in the dark depths of your keyboard.


You’re shooting your shot, not exposing that you’ve been lurking their page for the last week. I suggest consulting the peeping Tom as a substitute.


There’s corny cute and then there’s corny this. I can tell you now, your crush will not want to be your “boo thang” if you send a message using this ghost emoji. You’re guaranteed to scare them away.


Why are you yelling?! Somebody took “Let me holla at you” too seriously. You have better choices.

That’s it folks! Hopefully these tips will make your Sweetest Day sweeter than ever!


By Kelbe Nails, Junior, Whitney Young

Insta: K3lba3

Snap: omgkrocks


Written by TrueStar Staff

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