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Bronzeville Gets A New Mural

Chicago is basically a hub for art, street art to be specific. Most of us native Chicagoans have had a chance to see a lot of the art around the city. Now, an empowering Black mural that recently debuted on the South Side at 38th and Michigan, is giving us all a chance to see and support something new.

The artwork was designed by students from Little Black Pearl Art & Design Academy–my own personal high school–executed by Rahmaan “Statik” Barnes and Shawn Michael Warren, and artistic advice was provided by Gallery Guichard. The project’s technology was coordinated by the Miami-based creative lab Before It’s Too Late.

The whole team partnered with ComEd for their “Community of the Future” initiative. The mural in question stands 8 feet high and 120 feet long and features a collection of beautiful and complex artwork designed in the likeness of iconic African American leaders and activists (Harold Washington, Ida B. Wells and Gwendolyn Brooks) that have worked for and or changed the community and the STEM field.

One of the most interesting and unique parts of the mural is the interactive parts of it. According to the press release, “It consists of an A/R experience that can be activated via markers positioned around the mural. Spectators can scan markers on the mural with their mobile device to be directed to a mobile app that takes a deeper exploration into the mural’s content around climate change, clean energy, Bronzeville’s historic legacy, and ComEd’s commitment to the future of the community.”

Now that you know about it, be about it. Make the time to check out this mural and learn more about the legends featured and the history of Bronzeville.


By Kenal Amos, Sophomore, Little Black Pearl

Written by TrueStar Staff


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